Do You Know What Happened 635 Days Ago?

The Browns finally won a game!

The last time that happened Obama was president, gasoline was under $2, we were fighting ISIS in Baghdad, The United States Senate votes 99-0 in favor of a ten-year extension of the Iran Sanctions Act, Obama refused to sign it.

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I'm happy for the city of Cleveland.
It seems to matter to so many - and it's nice when people are feeling happy.

Browns fans are already talking about a Super Bowl - hilarious.

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Hey, we do have some common ground, after all.

Thanks for explaining the origins of the Browns' name.


I don't watch football but I can just long enough to see who is kneeling - then I can write to the advertisers of the game to tell them I don't buy products that endorse kneeling. Follow the money is the way to get what you want every time.


In the unlikely event that I watch an NFL game, if I see any player kneel during the anthem, that means I will instantly change the channel to TCM and leave it there for the duration of the game or movie, whichever comes later.

Even though I'm a fan of both the Steelers and Jets, I can't help but feel good for the Browns getting that monkey of their backs.

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That's very nice of you to say.
I hope you're right.
I heard they were thinking of hiring the Silly Nannies to practice with. Maybe they can work with a tougher group.
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I don't even try to claim, that I had any true understanding of the series. Still, even I do have my favorite team in NFL, which might seem quite odd, I admit. Always loved Patriots. Silly, eh? A weird Finn going for New England.

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Well, I know that;

Jimmy shat corn
But I don't care.
My Master's gone away.