Just because a woman is prominent in certain show, it doesn't automatically means it's SJW Propaganda or PC Culture. Funny enough, women are real. They are all over the world. So, it's becoming quite ridiculous how no one can make a woman relevant without a bunch of insecure little people loosing their minds over it and claim oppression.

This comes from the new Doctor Who. The new Doctor is a woman - the comments were exactly what I expected. A few positive, some reluctant about the new Doctor (as it happens every time they change the Doctor), then a bunch of professional-snowflakes loosing their minds over the "SJW and PC Culture taking over", saying the show is complete shit (without seeing any episode), and the Doctor is dead.
Every single time a movie or show, or anything at all, is making a woman relevant, I see people saying men are being oppressed because of that. So, men are not being oppressed by gender norms pushed by our society, but because a woman is getting as much screen-time as a man? Yeah, makes perfect sense. People like that are the perfect example for: equality seems like oppression to the oppressor.