where is free speech? canada is no longer a free country, we are ever so close to dictatorship. going to jail for 2 years for stating not only an opinion but also FACT!

it is fact that that lifestyle puts you at a greater risk of disease. its not normal, its not how God, or biology intended. when did facts and science become hate speech?

and saying God can forgive you. in Canada that's apparently worse then killing homosexuals. (we give billions to terrorists who support beheading homosexual, and give out jail cards to those who simply disagree?).

we live in a society where you must abide by liberal propaganda or be silenced by any means: being fired, having social media ban you, or going to jail. this is horrifying! i don;t want my country to look like nazi germany or USSR!

Hate speech is nothing more then a term coined by liberals to silence opposition, if you pay any attention the hate speech laws do not apply to liberals or groups they support,