Do you have a bird feeder in your back garden?

38% Yes 57% No 5% Other
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I have a gatling gun, although since it's not actually in the range of to be seen as more as a toy.... I can shoot off the annoying birds, even as they fly, but... Yeah... Yep.

Not in the garden but out behind the house.

Not anymore, we just got rid of it about a year ago. It is now in my son's yard. We do have an arbor where the birds come and sit on it. and recently we've had a hawk sitting on top of it, that was awesome.

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I alway's had bird feeders for many to watch them and the squirrels.

Yes, we had a seed bell, but the squirrels kept destroying it.

No, but we have a bird bath in our back yard. The birds all wait patiently as I am filling it.

Yes, a seed-feeder and a feeder for Hummingbirds...I also sprinkle crushed corn on the ground for Doves.

For hummingbirds..

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