Has there ever been a Christmas where you had to do without gifts-wise?

59% Yes 35% No 6% Other
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10 13

Some lean years in my youth. But never went without.

There were a couple of years when my husband and I had to forgo gifts for ourselves, but we've always managed to provide gifts for our girls (my daughter and stepdaughter). We loved those celebrations more than ever.

A few. Life has it's ups and downs. The downs just make you appreciate the ups.

Sometimes the holidays were pretty lean, but there was always something under the tree.

We don't do gifts these days. We just appreciate each other and great food. Getting fat in Xmas is the best gift and that we can all share.

No. Coming from a big family, we never got a lot of gifts, but there was always something under the tree. We always had a great Christmas even without gifts.

When I was eleven my father lost his job. Looking back now, I know they were scared to death, but they still managed to put a few things under our tree for me.

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