Have you ever picked wild flowers?

75% Yes 18% No 7% Other
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Maybe as a kid? I can't remember doing it, though.

Yes. Mostly I have photographed them and left them to grow .... they are such a lovely gift! a smilie

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It helps if you bring them flowers! wink smilie


How about pecks of pickled peppers?

As a child i picked them for my mother.
When mother lived with me, i would pick the same flowers and added them to whatever domestic blooms were available. I still take her fresh blooms. But not the wildflowers.

I do have to go out tomorrow and pick the heads off the daisies I want to save. I like letting flowers live so I admire them without picking them.

Yes I have.

I have a few times, one or two of them. I really like wild flowers though, which is why I usually just enjoy looking at them growing there, as opposed to wanting to "pick" them.

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Was her name Betty, Margaret, Olga or at least Philippa?

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Thank Dog, she wasn't Italian... Biogenette Muchoboob.

So how wild do these flowers have to be? Are they carrying heat-seeking missiles and shouting at trees?

Have you ever picked buffalo dingleberries on the wild prairie?

I'm more interested in photographing them than I am in picking them. I used to pick them sometimes as a kid, though.

Was a peck picker?

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