Machine intelligence lack adaptability & foresseability

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The way I see it is that machines have very limited potential yet full access to it, while humans have a much bigger potential but can access it trough hard work and effort.

@ZonkeyBalls Yes, how do you teach ethics to a machine?

You set them as unbreakable protocols, distinct rules that could not be broken. Cold logic and morals dont mix well.

The problem with machine intelligence is... Well, I hate to downplay the necessity of engineering, but adding a bunch of some more behavior oriented people, such as shrinks - no matter how different their views between each other might be - wouldn't hurt. Adaptability is not something, that can be coded directly, it's more of a learned skill. Some people do it, some don't. It's more about the environment and in order to learn the skill, an AI should have the skill to adapt to different situations. It's a rather delicate issue in many ways, even when software engineers see it merely as a tech issue, which it's not in the sense, that we tend to think about it. Assuming we think about it all, since our brains are tuned to problem solving, whereas any hardware or software needs to learn the behavioral patterns to achieve it.

Sorry, if I didn't make much sense, but still... This isn't my native language.

@Clinton May I ask how you came to that conclusion?

You may, but I have other issues to deal with right now, I can't think straight or even wrong. Just... Yeah...

@Clinton Oh, well I guess I will be chatting with you later.

I won't be much help for you at this given moment, either. Well-eaten for the first time in... Don't know, how many days - this bloody cancer makes it a bit difficult to have regular or regularly-sized meals. Now, I apparently ate my own brains as well, as I was a hungry hungry hippo.

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