What makes your house /apartment feel like home?

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Most of all? That it's mine; I gutted the whole place, switched out all of the plumbing and electric, Insulated, sheetrock and spackle, doors and windows, trim work, painting, flooring, roofing, and masonry. My personality is in my house. Built in 1864. French Mansard style.

It's just a smallish town home/condo, but it suits us perfectly. We can do as we please from the walls in, and the association is responsible for the roof and exterior .... a good arrangement at my age.

It's paid for, I've decorated it to my taste and it's very comfortable.... love my home very much.

The family and friends who gather around my dining room table to discuss the day's happenings, politics, news and whatever else they are thinking about. Having others comfortable in my home makes it my home.