Growing up,what was the dumbest thing your parents got mad at you for?

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Probably when they went into the egg bin and there was only two eggs. At first they just thought they had forgotten to buy eggs. Until my sister ratted my brother and I out for throwing eggs at cars. They got mad all right!

My gorilla of a stepfather insisted that I eat liver after I told him I really couldn't. He wouldn't let me leave the table, but then got furious when I puked in my plate! un smilie

I got a little toolset for Christmas when I was 8 years old. We have a black and white TV was philips head screws on the front and went after it one Saturday while my dad was working and my mom was doing laundry. My dad was pretty pissed when he got home. Ha!

Having Asperger’s. Being differently-abled should’ve taught them, especially my dad, how to adapt.:-/

Eating all the crumbs off the crumb cake.

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