How do you deal with stubborn people?

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We just say ''That's nice dear'' pat them on the head and quietly potter along, cos we're British! LOLZ


There once was a sweet English boy,
Who never was crafty or coy:  
When stubborn progs peddled
Their nonsense, and meddled,
He smiled and ignored their crude ploy.

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How un-Canadian!

What would Justin say?!   omg smilie ono smilie

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Justin would make sure the referee was on his side, and that the ref would rabbit punch you from behind.

With patience

I explain it twice. Then I'm done. They can do or believe what they like.

Slowly chip away....

Depends on what they are being stubborn about. Some people you just ignore and some topics are too important to walk away from.

Depends... How far do you need the shot to be taken? Can't give you more than a one km, without warm up shots.

Sometimes I argue with them, sometimes I just ignore them to prevent an argument.

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