Guys (or other people who pee standing up): where do you aim when you pee?

43% At the water. I want everyone to hear 57% At the bowl. I want to keep it on the dl
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Excellent point. y smilie

Well, whaddaya know?
MagicPanda doesn't seem to exist anymore!
I wonder what happened.

@Thinkerbell Maybe the panda got flushed...?

Think, WTF is up with someone that goes to the trouble to join a online social media site and the first thing they do is ask a question like this?

And, would we all be better off without people like that?

Would they be missed by someone / anyone?

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There once was a sweet English man,
Who peed, quite according to plan:
When he stood at the loo,
He would aim at his shoe,
And it always went STRAIGHT down the pan.

(Um... Peyronie's disease?)

Actually, you have aim for the sweet spot where the water meets the bowl. If you just hit the bowl you get splash out. If nobody cares you just go for deep water.
The finer points of peeing.

I live alone so when I do the business I try to do it for minimal collateral damage. Not that I dont try any less in other cases, just that noise here is not a factor.

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