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That's interesting, and thoroughly bizarre.

Scrubbing her social media is a huge red flag to me, if anything comes out of the FBI investigation, I hope it reveals that info. Being that she's a professor and most of them are leftists (nearly 1 in 5 is a self described communist), I'd be willing to bet money she holds some pretty radical anti conservative views. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out she's got links to antifa, a terrorist organization. Making false accusations to assassinate Kavanaugh's reputation and prevent him serving on the supreme court may be an act of domestic terrorism.

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My first impulse when I heard her social media had been deleted is it should still be viewable on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Oddly, it's either not there or nobody's managed to find it.

I can see how somebody could anticipate a negative public reaction and so delete social media to avoid harassment, but the existing content should remain visible on If it's been so thoroughly scrubbed that it's not available at all, it suggests to me that not only is there content on her social media that would completely destroy her credibility, it was removed by someone with considerable technical expertise. "Google guys" would definitely have that level of expertise with the internet.

So why would Google go on a turd polishing expedition on her behalf?


"Christine Blasey Ford’s connections to the CIA are deep and irrefutable."

It seems pretty clear to me that she's a weapon of bad actors within the "deep state".

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Yep, "nothing to see here folks, move along."

Well, golly whiz!

It's almost as if some group heavily invested in the failure of Kavanaugh and Trump orchestrated a series of bald-faced lies!

So, she's at a gathering. There's her, her good friend, and 4 boys. She goes upstairs to use the bathroom, a little while later, 2 of the 4 boys go upstairs, music starts playing upstairs, there are muffled screams, a loud thump as they hit the floor, probably a door slamming, then the two boys come back downstairs. When she thinks the coast is clear, she sneaks out...

... and just abandons her good friend with the 4 boys? 1 of whom had just attempted to sexually assault her, she thought he might accidentally KILL HER, while a second one watched? She doesn't make any attempt to get her friend out of there? Does that sound remotely plausible? She doesn't stand at the door and motion her friend over and make an excuse to leave? "I don't feel well, I want to go home." Nope, she just leaves.

And bear in mind, this place is, according to her, roughly a 20 minute car ride from home, so several miles at least, no cellphones back then, probably a 2 hour hike, and although she is 100% certain she had exactly 1 beer and is equally certain she was not taking any medication whatsoever, she doesn't recall how she got home? And then she never discussed what happened to her with her friend? I mean, come on, that doesn't make sense.

As a YouTube comment from Brendan Perez put it:

While I'm far from an expert on girls/women, I will confidently say that this is not how girls work.
"Why did you bail on me" or "What happened? You just left. Was everything OK?" are questions that would absolutely be asked.

I'm wondering why the Republican Senators didn't have this lady question Kavanaugh. Instead when she asked him just one or two questions, they shut her down, then they all started with the soft questions. And why didn't she give a report on Kavanaugh? Something is very fishy that they don't want the American people to know about.

I don't know who is telling the truth, but I hope the FBI is able to sort all of this out and give a comprehensive report before K is confirmed.

@StarzAbove I'm wondering why the Republican Senators didn't have this lady question Kavanaugh. Instead when she asked him...

Well, good news!
Looks like the FBI has already completed their 7th investigation.
We'll be able to get Kavanaugh confirmed with all those pesky democrat concerns addressed.
You don't think democrats have more reasons to delay, do you?
I mean, I heard that when Kavanaugh was in 4th grade, he stepped on a crack to break his mothers back!
There are unconfirmed rumors from anonymous people close to the situation that when kavanaugh was an infant and his diaper came off, that he 'finger painted' a flawless portrait of Dr Ford on his bedroom wall!