I've been watching the media explode over this whole "me too" movement. From the way it has been promoted, you are led to believe 9 out of 10 guys is now a sexual predator. I'm an older guy, and have never even known anyone personally, who was guilty of rape or attempted rape. Does it happen? Of course it happens. I just don't think it happens as often as it is portrayed to be happening. Kids making out in a car, and one touching the other's breast, but stopping when the girl says no, is not sexual assault in my book. Sexual assault is a crime, and needs to be treated as a crime. With a crime, you need to report it, and evidence needs to be collected. Then a person is charged and judged. I'm sick of women accusing a man 30+ years later, with zero evidence, and then collecting a million dollar paycheck. (Be it from book deals, go fund me pages, or media/political pay-offs.) This craziness will not stop until ALL false accusers have to spend serious jail time when found to be making it up.