Has chance\faith pushed you into doing something you had to do but you were too anxious to do it? (press MORE for story)

I started my 4th out of 6 years dental school and this year we have work with patients.... aka living people. No more dry theory and mannequins this is the real deal. And you could imagine that I'm pretty nervous because I now have to put what I read into practice. A colleague of mine had an extra patient for the same day so I had to take her for clinical practice of oral surgery. Although it was just anamnesis and intra oral examination my mind went blank as if I have learned nothing all these 3 years. In the end the job was done, I got her info and designated 3 teeth due for extraction next week.

The doctors responsible for us are very tough like they're supposed to be, we basically got our asses handed to us.... theoretically. From the side dentistry might look simple but we are still doctors and we need to know tons of stuff before we even look in the general direction of a patient.