what exactly is the statute of limitations?

what exactly is statute of limitations? what if i waited 20 years to report a stolen car, statute of limitations would probably prevent me from reporting it that long afterwards.

metoo movement is a joke, should people report assault sexual, physical or any kind? of course NO QUESTIONS ASKED!, should you wait 20 years and then bring something up when someone runs for an office? no, at that point its political BS and political witch hunt. when something is brought up when someone runs for office, I call bs on the sex assault claim. i think the metoo movement is harmful to those who really experienced sexual assault. you know, boy who cried wolf too many times?

also, I think Media should be barred from reporting on sexual assault until the courts have determined innocence or guilt, nothing is worse then accused guilty by the court of public opinion when you are in fact innocent of said claims, media can;t report accuratly, or in any way that resembles fair or unbiased, so they should be banned from reporting until the courts have made a final decision, leave public opinion out of the process.