what exactly is the statute of limitations?

what exactly is statute of limitations? what if i waited 20 years to report a stolen car, statute of limitations would probably prevent me from reporting it that long afterwards.

metoo movement is a joke, should people report assault sexual, physical or any kind? of course NO QUESTIONS ASKED!, should you wait 20 years and then bring something up when someone runs for an office? no, at that point its political BS and political witch hunt. when something is brought up when someone runs for office, I call bs on the sex assault claim. i think the metoo movement is harmful to those who really experienced sexual assault. you know, boy who cried wolf too many times?

also, I think Media should be barred from reporting on sexual assault until the courts have determined innocence or guilt, nothing is worse then accused guilty by the court of public opinion when you are in fact innocent of said claims, media can;t report accuratly, or in any way that resembles fair or unbiased, so they should be banned from reporting until the courts have made a final decision, leave public opinion out of the process.

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im sure it does, but 20 years?

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that is unfortunate, their should be a time frame, how does one prove someone raped them 20 years after the fact? it is he said she said, unless the accused steps forward and admits to it.

if a murder happens, a body is there for proof, an object is stolen their has to be proof the object was in said persons possession before it got stolen, he said she said would not fly, so why does he said she said fly in these metoo cases? it would be far more believable if these claims happened right after the fact, i understand shame and embarrassment and all those social things, but come on, how do we know they are telling the truth 20 years after the fact. what evidence could they collect after that long? even a murdered body could still be discovered after 20 years, would a rape test work that long after the incident? i think not.


i thought its generally 5 years give or take

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It has been an issue in some parts of the country.

I empathize with your thoughts on this - 100%
Statute of limitations doesn't happen to apply in the Kavanaugh case as Boz pointed out.
But, it's not as if certain political parties would suddenly play nice if the rules changed.

They have disgraced the country. the senate and destroyed the good name of a good man.
There is no bottom to the scum they will crawl through in order to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. Even when he is confirmed, I expect the torment to continue - just like it has with Trump. They can not afford to allow Trump to keep doing such a terrific job! And, if the sacrament of abortion id brought to the supreme court once Kavanaugh is confirmed, the left will be hanging themselves with their pussy hats.

It is a length of time of a crime being committed and the time it may be prosecuted

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