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It's a scary and difficult time for all people.

I have no use for trump, but in this case, I think he is right, the me too movement is getting out of hand. Rape is one thing, and should always be punishable, but what red blooded high school male didn't try to get into some girls pants? Having a career destroyed because they tried to "cop a feel" in high school is wrong on so many levels.

Yes, President Trump said that. But everyone paying attention to democrats hysterical attempts to destroy the character of anyone that doesn't fit their agenda is what makes it dangerous times. They knew too that Dr. Ford would be dragged through the mud - but she's served her purpose and they've tossed her aside. Democrats haven't done us any favor with their reckless behavior.

Trump is the one that is scary....and cruel. To mock an assault victim is just not right. I wonder what he would be saying if one of his daughters, grand daughters was assaulted. I guess that's what it will take to open his eyes and mind.

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