If you saw someone broken down on the side of the road, would you stop to help?

31% Yes 27% no 42% other
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I might if it's an old lady like me. About all I could do is call the auto club.

No, but I would call 911.

Especially if it's a "senior citizen" without a cell phone already in hand.

I don't drive. And I'm not sure. Depends where and what time.

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I have and I did. I helped a couple of girls change a flat tire.

In most cases, no. My reasoning is that in the day and age of cell phones, there's a good chance they've already called for help. It's also dangerous to be on the side of the road. Especially in a commercial truck.

It's personal, I cant get on a personal level with a total stranger.

I'm not sure if I would, these days. I have many times in the past, before most everyone had a cell phone. I couldn't fix their car or change the tire...but I've driven them somewhere or found a place to call someone for them.

I do still pull over sometimes, to ask if they need any help.

I'll slow down and ask if therein anything I can do. they usually say no thanks, they've already called for help. So then I'm on my way.

I have before. If it is a girl or woman or even a young boy, I usually have no qualms about stopping.

Yes, I do it all the time! I'm cautious of course - but I would find it hard to leave someone stranded.

It depends on who they are. Ive stopped and helped many a mom with kids get back on the road and tried to empower them showing them how easy it can be if you know what to look for.

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