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It's not Christmas already?

Yes, dentist appointment day for me lol

Isn't it ALWAYS "that time of year, again"?
I mean, unless it's February 29th, every date comes each year.
Or every 12 years, if you want a date to be on a specific day of the week.

Yup, kids going back to school.
Boys playing football.
Girls plotting revenge against males.
Leaves turning bright colors.

It's magic.

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Now that's funny! hehe smilie

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Yea..cold & flu.

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It's October 4th, 3.50 a.m.

It's that time of the year, actually, now that I think of it, to keep my little spying eye on the happenings in my oven. Don't want to burn this one.

Yep! Bring on the pumpkin spice latte. yum smilie

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Had to go looking for this day . boyfriend day -Better post when you give a link.I know this site is making it harder than before to do that. Why am I even looking here i do wonder?