I found this posted here over three years ago - Smart.
"Twitter is for famous personalities having huge number of followers. Similarly, Instagram is for beautiful girls having huge number of likers. Thank god there exist sites like Amirite where a simple personality can come to visibility by writing an interesting post."

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I sure do agree about sites like this one. We don't even have to pay monetarily for the privilege of posting and becoming "visible"!

Although there are still some people who say they think I'm beautiful, I've never participated on Twitter or Instagram. Never been remotely "famous" either, except for brief moments. :)

I am simple.

I will become famous and beautiful, before I die, though. No matter how long that takes.

Amirite used to be a platform to get your voice heard by like a thousand people (which wasn't too shabby at the time)

This is more like a small community which suits me fine. We are all anonymous but at the same time our avatars have individual personalities. I don't think that would be identifiable with thousands of members. That's probably not what the owner wants to hear though. Ha!

I agree. This is the perfect sized site; it's a smaller community where a lot of people know each other and everyone's voice gets heard, but it's large enough where there's plenty of posts per day. It's not like one of those huge sites where real people get buried under all the attention whores. Amirite reminds me of what the internet used to be like many years ago, back before it was mostly dominated by a small group of enormous sites.

Look at all the people that think they are famous and beautiful!

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