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That's what it's come to. Doing dumbass stunts for 15 minutes. I guess an obituary counts.

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If you're stupid enough to get killed taking a selfie, the world is better off without you.

I've never taken a selfie, I see no reason to. If I want a photo of myself I'll get my camera. lol

I doubt if no selfie zones would help much, with this particular epidemic of "stupid".

I can’t say I have many qualms about stupidity being weeded out of the gene pool. “Selfie death” is equivalent to saying “I died a moron”.

I feel bad for their loved ones, but not much sympathy for them, and a law won’t stop people from being stupid!

No law needed, it's just thinning out the herd.

My flat is a dedicated "no selfie zone". Try it here and I will smash your skull in with a blunt object.

this is the symptom of socialism, the more the government does your thinking the dumber you get. adding more laws will only make us as a whole even dumber

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It’s better an unwritten rule.

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No, we need to let stupid people be allowed to stupidly off themselves. Way too many stupid people.Image in contentImage in contentImage in content

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@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred What is that guy doing?

I think the idea the picture is selling us is he's trying to unblock the wood-cutter with his foot.

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@Ada 乂^◡^乂

This guy is total Darwin Bait!

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Eh...if that didn't get them.

They probably would've taken a shower with a blow dryer or hit their selves in the head with a hammer because the warning label fell off.

....and well... they just didn't... know any better.

Image in content

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