What do you feel is your biggest personality flaw?

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It's a part of being Canadian, you silly wanker.

I'm told I don't tolerate fools well but I think I'm pretty good with them, there's so many around.
I actually am embarrassed by my own ignorance. The older I get, the less I know.

im not motivated enough

@lizardqueen im not motivated enough

I'm gonna whip your ass, unless you give me twelve hundred push-ups right now.

@lizardqueen I doubt i could even do one

Same here, I've gotten sort of really fat in my middle age. Well, not sort of, just really fat.

Might be a bit difficult to believe, but I sometimes do have a really short fuse. I can hit blood pressures capable of blowing up a VW Beetle (both the old and the new version) in less than three milliseconds. It's not a pretty sight, when Marko gets angry.

Sometimes I overreact and I'm rather impulsive!

My humility

Trust issues.

My temper.

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