What’s your idea of “expensive?”

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Renting in London.
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anything over $20

I had to visit hospital yesterday morning, as I had really bad rhythms, almost New Kids on The Block like, and had to get them zapped with gazillion volts in order for my heart to be in somewhat working order. Forty km times twice, government pays most of the taxi expenses, but still lost 50 € there in total plus almost 42 € for the hospital bill. I'd say 92 € is a bit excessive for having a faulty ticker.

A coat for over 25€/£.

A meal that cost $40. Gasoline that costs over $2.50. A $50,000 car.

My monthly broadband bill!Sorry -super fast fibre!!

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Mines £32.99 a month.But a got deal that gives me free BT sport for 18 months which includes the British version of ESPN.

I saw an $800 hoodie at Neiman Marcus the other day. How I wanted it. But with $800 I could many, many other hoodies. So that was much too extravagant for me :D

Cable TV - what a rip off.
All those channels and there's still nothing on worth watching.

A jelly donut for.......

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