The American Dream, amirite?

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Making a buisness out of people's health should be a fucking crime

I love my subatomic particles. They feel much more cohesive today than yesterday.

Who would have thought you were a fan of physics!?
Say, you can get a SIGNED copy of his book - "The God Particle" if you don't think you'll burst into flames when you set eyes on it.

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This HuffPo article is not very helpful.
It does not explain why someone who would have earned a handsome salary as director of Fermilab, and who lived modestly, would have been so destitute, or why he would not have had nursing home insurance or Medicare.

My only guess is that he had a lot of expensive experimental medical treatment that Medicare and/or a Medicare supplement plan would not cover.
P.S. to the snarky OP: no European socialized medicine program would have covered such experimental treatment either, if that is in fact what was the reason.

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That's because he never has anything intelligent to respond with. hehe smilie

I'm not a Physicist,but I have a medical plan.And he was 96 yrs. old???