whether you like Kanvenaugh or not, you cannot say he is guilty, not until it has been proven as such

the law states you are innocent till proven guilty. you don;t have to like the guy, but at least stop pushing lies, their is no need to ruin a man simply because you don;t like him,

read the link, this whole thing was nothing else but a smear campaign, if the allegations where real then why stop now?

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watch this video, this is what happened. and i believe they did this because they don;t want a man who could potentially expose abortion for what it really is, and abolish it, democrats don't want that, so.

just my opinion anyways

Blasey Ford Caves: Legal Team Shuts Down Further Investigation into Kavanaugh'We would have to investigate any credible allegations of perjury and other things that haven't been properly looked into before.'https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/blasey-ford-caves-legal-team-shuts-investigation-kavanaugh/
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The people are still deciding if deusvult is right or wrong. Vote on the post to say if you agree or disagree.

I can only hope that this nation understood what the left did to Kavanaugh and his family and vote accordingly. The left should not be in an situations that allows them to have any dominance over the people of America. They have no morals, scruples, conscience, dignity or truthfulness in any fiber of their bodies.

What a big non surprise.
Ford was assaulted again - this time by the democrat party.
Now she says she doesn't want him impeached! Isn't that cute - she thinks the democrats give a shit what she wants or thinks!

Reasonable people that paid attention to this fiasco know the dems really stepped on their dick on this one and I believe will punish the dems at the ballot box. The unreasonable people - like the ones STILL arguing this poop flinging mess, will either vote Democrat anyway or wait for instructions from headquarters to find out how many places they are supposed to vote at.

As the same as when the Republicans wouldn't even give Garland a meeting. They could have voted no on him but they wouldn't even grant him that courtesy.

I have no idea or not if he is guilty, although I found Dr. Ford quite convincing. I do, however, take issue with his partisan temper tantrum.

Most liberals sentenced him as guilty, as soon as Ford said she was groped.

It doesn't matter what happens from here on out.
Some people don't want the truth.

This was nothing but an attempt to ruin a persons life over politics..

If you haven't realized that or just don't want to accept it.
You probably spend a lot of time watching MSM..

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