What are your chances of hitting a deer on the road?

My state is 4th on the list so I have a 1 in 72 chance this year. Or maybe that was last year. Ha! I knock on wood once we get through the rut and gun hunting season each year.

Antler Alert! The 10 Worst States for Deer CrashesThe 10 Worst States for Deer Crasheshttps://www.msn.com/en-us/money/autoinsurance/antler-alert-the-10-worst-states-for-deer-crashes/ss-BBNTZeE?li=BBnb7Kz#image=11
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You have to scroll the photos backwards....

1 in 80. But that is the entire state.
Come above midland and the odds, i feel certain, are much higher.
Shoot....i know a woman who has hit three in the past 4 years.
The turkey vultures and crows eat very well here.

@Will_Janitor I agree. You get outside the urban areas and the activity increases. :)

I wish more were reported, though. Like in alaska. Fresh deer road kill could put meat in the freezer for those who have little. There is a stretch i drive often that always has several deer kills. Breaks my heart that they go to waste.

@Will_Janitor I wholeheartedly agree. I just saw one in the ditch on my way home last night.

I often wonder how hunters go home empty handed.
Turkeys, too. Ive seen hunting vids about turkey hunting. Hiding and calling.
They are everywhere! Toms with beards a mile long. If i had a mind to, i could fill my freezer!

Does it count, if I hijack an airliner to hit one specific deer, that I hate deeply? Her name is McBoobSwollen.

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MI is 1 in 80 number 8 in the nation.

I'm in Canada but there are lots of deer where I live and there are a lot of accidents with them. There's a stretch of highway where they put up a fence to keep the deer from crossing, but then they end up getting trapped on the highway, making matters worse. you can buy a whistle that you clip to your car that scares deer away, but I'm not sure how well those work.

0% :D

Bambi's parents are safe on my roads.

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I don't know where my state is listed, but I'm pretty sure it's pretty high. Just yesterday in the newspaper they listed instructions on what to do and what not to do if you hit a deer. A family member hit a deer last Fall, or rather the deer hit him....ran right into his car. No one was hurt, but his car was damaged quite a bit.

My state wasn't included in the top ten. Mostly, I hear about about the few remaining panthers being hit and killed by cars, here.

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I live out in the country so my chances are very good. I always drive slowly at night when I am around wooded areas.

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