Have you heard of this?
Our DNA may account for 30% - 40% of our political leaning.
Just heard that on NPR, this morning.
Did some searching, and found that the information comes from a 2013 study.
Don't worry, nobody is saying that DNA controls our final political views.
But it raises the question ... if our DNA gives us a predisposition towards political views ... are there DNA traits that give a predisposition towards crime? COULD there be the literal "bad seed"?

The Genes of Left and Right - Scientific AmericanOur political attitudes may be written in our DNAhttps://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-genes-of-left-and-right
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Interesting. I have always wondered if there would eventually be a way to tell, scientifically, how a person will turn out before they're even born by looking at their DNA. I think certainly that if DNA truly does give us a push to think one way or the other politically, then it probably could also give us a shove toward living a life of crime.
Especially if you consider that most people align their political leaning with their morals, with which crime also has a lot to do.
Thank you for sharing! Gave me some interesting reading to do at work!

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