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Chef salad with ranch dressing.

Fish and chips from the chippy

ThePrinceofWaless avatar ThePrinceofWales other (PLEASE SPECIFY) +1Reply
@ThePrinceofWales Certainly is

I did have some fries, so I at least half followed your advice!

A greasy hamburger with beer and weed.

JerryHendricksons avatar JerryHendrickson other (PLEASE SPECIFY) +1Reply

A hamburger steak, covered in gravy, onions, mushrooms.
French fries, garlic bread.

For dessert, a slab of lemon meringue pie....and a glass of water.

DandyDons avatar DandyDon other (PLEASE SPECIFY) -1Reply

Okay, but what type of salad???

Ellens avatar Ellen salad -5Reply
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