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I agree, it doesn't look like the Nicole we've always known.....sounds like a good movie.

I still can't believe she was married to such a short bloke.

@ZonkeyBalls I still can't believe she was married to such a short bloke.

I assume you mean this guy: Image in content

But Keith Urban isn't much taller. :)

Aside from her profile, I wouldn't have recognized her either in some parts of the trailer. Her face shape even looks different. I think the movie looks interesting, too.

Sounds like an excellent movie. The only thing that was recognizable were her eyes.

Woah! I didn't recognize her either, and Nicole and I go back years. I once had a very vivid dream in which I was in France at a circus (just like the "Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando" painting by Degas). I was just sitting there in the dark when Nicole, sitting on a trapeze bar, was slowly lowered down until she was nearly sitting on my lap. She looked quite fine and smiled at me so I thought.. what the heck. I closed my eyes and leaned forward to kiss her. After a few seconds of my lips touching nothing but air I opened my eyes. She was still on the bar but was leaning away from me and snickered, "yea, right". I snapped awake immediately and was like, WTF?!?

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