What are you excited about right now?

Give interesting answers or I will bore you with tales of my shingles!hehe smilie

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That's some great shit. Can't wait to see you taking a selfie with it.

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Is it an instruction manual for a washing machine?

I'm mostly waiting for the snooker... Also would love to get all of these blood clots out of my nose, it's one of the side-effects with my illness, blood everywhere - if not in my nostrils, then it's either on my shirt or on the floor.

My upcoming mini vacation. Can't wait. Also, ordered a new granite countertop for my island.... excited about that and how it will look.

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I have solid surface countertops throughout the kitchen and the desk, but the island got scuffed up, and no matter what we did we couldn't make it look nice again, so we have ordered the granite just for the island. I know it will look great, it will be a nice contrast to what we have now.

My youngest son is coming to visit tonight and I'm grilling some steaks. That's about as exciting as I get. Ha!

I had shingles once. They totally suck, but now I've had the vaccine for about 5 years and so far so good.

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