To everyone: if you fit into a similar category of someone who did something bad, YOU DO NOT NEED to be defensive. If there is a movement that is working on stopping the behaviour of certain people who harm others, and you happen to be of the same religion, gender, ethnicity, age, income or whatever of the "bad people", unless you are doing the "bad stuff", IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. So, please, do not join the people who are twisting reality to make it seem like you're a target.

Yes, there is people who abuse the movement and might accuse you of something. It happens with every group that has a specific goal. Some will jump on the wave with another agenda. The thing is, you still didn't do it, and more times than not, the movement is not made of extremists so think before painting everyone with the same brush. Acting like the extremists is not the way to go at it. They're wrong and so will you be if you decide to follow their example. Don't generalise and don't act like personal responsibility isn't real. This is just common sense, right? Well, I like to think so, but I might be wrong for the way I see people talk.