What Will You Do If You Find Out That The World Was Going To End In 10 Days?

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Somehow - and this a true miracle - I still have all of my credit in perfect order, so... If I take a bank loan of 200 thousand €... Ten days... Well... Buying a Ferrari would take quite a bit out of that, especially with the level of tax we have to pay for cars here in Finland (insanely high). I wonder what is the fastest anyone has been clocked at a speed camera over here. Would 200 mph do it?


That clip really reminded me, why the safety regulations are nowadays a bit less relaxed. Open cockpits with nothing, literally nothing, to give protection to the drivers... Well... They still did that back in 1980's with Class B rally cars. They were supposed to have rollcages in the cockpits, but at least Lancia - being Italian and they always know how to get away with certain level of cheating (which cost the life of one young Finnish rally driver, Henri Toivonen) - had just cardboard painted to look like it was a metal cage, since it obviously saved a lot of weight. And obviously the fuel tank wasn't considered that important, unless it exploded.

@ZonkeyBalls That clip really reminded me, why the safety regulations are nowadays a bit less relaxed. Open cockpits with...

Well, in "On the Beach", they wouldn't have worried much about rollcages or gas tanks in any case.

Anything i like.What are they going to do?Jail me for life?

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Probably be brave enough to do all the things outside my comfort zone.

Spend a lot of time praying! Then gather my family around and have a "going away" party.

Buy a bunch of bread, eggs and milk.

I'd have to binge watch all the stuff I have on my DVR!

I would take a trip to Mars

I'd want to hang out with the people I love the most, but who knows.. they might have other ideas.

figure oh another crazy thing don't change anything i am doing and in 2 weeks I am still alive as is everyone else, but I didn't blow every thing I had so can keep cent . I can continue as we all will..

Kiss every guy i like lol

Make sure my family knew that they were loved.

I'd probably sleep 30 minutes later in the mornings and be glad it wasn't ending 4 days later.

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