Brrrrr.....What is the coldest you have ever been?

Image for post Brrrrr.....What is the coldest you have ever been?
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It gets to minus fifteen or twenty here, often, in winters dead months. It gets bad when those temps carry on for weeks. Wind chill is often minus thirty or so.
So.....pretty chilly.

-50 C back in the days, when the global warming hadn't completely fucked things up, I think about fifteen years ago. In 'murican, that's -58 Fahrenheit.

Sometimes it gets down to 50 degrees at the beach. Seems awfully cold to me

Coldest air temp I've ever experienced is -48 C. Coldest windchill about -55 C. Once when it was below -40 I rolled the window down on my car to talk to someone and it wouldn't roll back up, that's was a cold ride!

-35 degrees Celsius, so cold the pipes froze solid. But still stubborn I played my video games with a winter jacket, gloves and a hat on.

Back early 1996 after such a hot summer back in '95 the following year started arctic.
乂ᴼ ₒ ᴼ乂

One January it was -17 degrees, and heavy snow. BRRRRR!

-57°C in Irkutsk.

Sayre, Pennsylvania.. It got below zero so many times and I had to still stand out in it, waiting for the school bus.

-12 (or -8, one of the two), last winter.

14 degrees..

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