Would you rather go to the beach or go to the lake?

60% Beach 40% Lake
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Beach, hands down. Can't surf on a lake

In our neck of the woods, the beach and the lake are the same thing. That's the way it is on the north coast.

Can't swim, but I can enjoy the warmth of the sand. Obviously not here, but the other side of the Globe would do nicely. New Zealand is pretty much as far from Finland as one can get. I bet the weather would a lot nicer as well.

All the beaches here are lakes.

Lake...The last time I was at a beach, a crowd gathered and pushed my wife back into the water...When I pulled her out, someone asked me "what are you using for bait"

Beach, but not here in New England. A beach in southern France or Italy--I could live there.

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A lake is fine, but I would rather go to the mountains or to the woods for a nice long hike.

Lake...in my boat....fishing.

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