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What if you get successful by selling excuses to others? Then you really have to come up with some stuff. There's a hidden irony in your logic.

Hahah I've known some successful people, and at one time or another they did make excuses.....

Taking responsibility is taking power.

If you convince yourself that your problems are someone else's fault, it feels kind of good, you're an innocent victim carried along by the tide of circumstance, so there's no action required on your part. You're off the hook, it's up to someone else to change.

Blaming yourself for your problems is much more painful, you screwed up and you're paying the price for your errors. No consolation in that. But that's where you find your power, because if it was your fault, you can change your behavior to avoid making the same mistakes again. You put yourself in control of your situation, and ultimately, that's a much better place to be.

It's that old choice between "short term pleasure - long term pain" or "short term pain - long term pleasure" that we're constantly making with our actions.

There is going to be some successful persons that is going to make at least some excuses.