Which one do you find scarier; Life or death?

What do you think?

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Neither, I love life, but death is inevitable....it happens to all of us and there's nothing we can do about it.

Death? I have never been dead before.It's a new adventure.


Death obviously. Life is ahead of me and I see how it progresses and how I progress in it. I don't know anything about death apart from being the ultimate end of life and that there are so many things that can end our life. Death could mean a beach in a tropical setting with a pineapple cocktail in my hand or it could mean absolutely nothing, I can't imagine what it means to be nothing, or if religions are right there will be a big headed alien judging my choices, or not people are idiots and interpret gods however they wants.

I am afraid of death. It always has the last word.

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Life is definitely scarier than death. When I am dead, I will have nothing, not even fear itself, to fear any longer. There will be no one else to hurt me as this vessel will no longer be able to communicate pain and hurt to my soul.

Neither are a choice 

Death by a ball point pen..

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