Do you roll your toilet paper over, i.e. pull from front, or under, i.e. pull from back?

And if you claim to not use toilet paper:
1) ew
2) pretend that you do use toilet paper then answer hypothetically.

91% Over 9% Under
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Same applies to me, as well. My toilet is... Small. I am... The opposite of small, so basically sitting on the throne half-sideways and not trying to reach for the hook, that always drops on the floor, is the best option. I have my toilet rolls on the side of the sink. Much easier, more practical.

I've always done it over....but I can't really tell you why.

Underhand makes no sense. It's objectively stupid.

I've never understood this argument honestly. I couldn't tell you which way my toilet paper roll is facing right now because I don't pay any attention to how I put it on, and I never pay attention to which way people have it at their places!

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