Let's Play Who IS The Bomber!

I think we can all agree that who ever has been sending all the bomb packages is a crazy person. No sane person would do such a despicable thing.

It only took mere moments before people started speculating and blaming people and groups for the motivation despite not having a shred of evidence. So, let's step it up a bit. Let's profile the whack job bomber.

Is it a person or persons tied closely to Trump? Probably military types filled with righteous indignation for left wing loud mouths?

Or, could it be a pack of leftist ding bats that knew full well that blame would immediately be placed on Trump supporters.

What about that kid that brought his electronic clock that looked an awful lot like a bomb to school? Remember, his bomb didn't blow up either!

How about the Russians? They've done everything else - why not this?

Give us a description of who you think did it!