Here is some information about the "suspicious packages" that have been sent to some public figures in the USA. (He starts talking about it at 3:00).

I'll try to keep posting his coverage of the situation, to anyone who cares.

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The only thing for sure is that that's a conjecture.

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I hope so. If it doesn't, this Circus will go off the rails.

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Might be a Republican that has gone batshit crazy. Might be a Democrat that has gone batshit crazy. I personally don't really think any Politician was behind this. A voter, yes. A Politician, no.
I'm just seeing a lot of people in this site claiming Democrats did it... with no evidence whatsoever besides "Democrats are evil". A lot of people throwing "theories" like it's already the truth.
You said you still think. That I have no issue. As you said, you think. You're not claiming it as a fact. I have my own opinions about this too.
I have no problem imagining a far-left lunatic doing this. There has been signs of violence before. It's not new a peaceful protest turning into a riot, for example. And a lot of people are angry and angry people might do a lot of moronic things. They will find justification for it, no matter how asinine it is. And an angry, desperate person would probably think this might work on "their" favour.
But I also have no problem imagining a far-right lunatic doing this. People who are on the far-right? The KKK and the White Supremacists are two examples. They are not people that believe in "debate" and peace. These are people who wouldn't mind killing people by the millions if they're the "inferior" kind. They have indeed killed people. One of them going off the rails even more and thinking it's time to clean house? Not that impossible.
It's quite simple: there's a lot of crazy in American politics, especially on the fanatics. In this case, both are equally possible. But I see a very loud side speaking around here, completely ignoring the other possibility, as if that's not even possible, and that is just ridiculous to me.

I just made this post to make sure people know the difference between opinion and facts. A lot is being mixed in this site and on the news. And I think everyone would agree when I say: there's already enough hate on Politics without a blame game on home terrorism.

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You use common sense.
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I keep a paper bag nearby...

I've noticed that those calling it fake news, are republicans who are afraid that one of their own are the ones sending those bombs. I guess they think the authorities should just ignore those bombs, whether fake or not, and until someone is killed they won't believe it. I'm glad those bombs didn't go off and hurt someone, but there are some who are disappointed that no one was killed. If those bombs were sent to any republican, they would be screaming like banshees, blaming the dems.

I hope law enforcement catches the person/persons doing this, no matter who it is, and they should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Good post, Sofia!

@StarzAbove I've noticed that those calling it fake news, are republicans who are afraid that one of their own are the ones...

A lot of blame being thrown with no evidence besides "I just think"... people are more than free to think whatever they want. But claiming it as the truth with no evidence doesn't sit well with me.

Thank you.

@Sofia A lot of blame being thrown with no evidence besides "I just think"... people are more than free to think whatever...

I agree. It's on the news as we speak that they have arrested the suspected bomber in Florida. He has ties to New York as well.

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It's the first time he's speaking of it, so he's providing the information that is valid. Not conspiracy theories and not opinions of who did what and why, just what we know to be the truth. Not sure why that's a flaw here.

He's not saying "those who see the false-flag obvious must be f-ing crazy"... he's saying people are making a lot of claims of what happened with no evidence to back it up, so they're speaking out of their asses and should be seen as such. It's just logical. If it's proven it's all a "false-flag", he will update the information to his viewers and call out the morons that did it. No matter what, nothing of what he said it's wrong. Quite the contrary.

I have my opinion on who did it, I'll wait for the facts and truth to come out.
If my opinion is wrong, doesn't really matter to me.
A lunatic is a lunatic and needs to be removed from society and locked up, soon as possible.

Having said that...I'm still going with my original opinion on the subject.
Until proven otherwise.

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