Whether these bombs sent to critics of Donald Trump are from an actual domestic terrorist one one trying to stirr the pot and arise political animosity, it's still a deplorable act. I have had an unpopular fringe theory that i may have been sent by a democrat trying to stirr up more tensions against Trump. I know that that sounds crazy coming from me, a HARDCORE TRUMP HATER but I just wanted to state that If that is the case I don't condone that kind of low blow tactics not even from my own side. However I must stress that that is just a theory, that popped into my head relating to the flaws in the bombs and all and I'm not saying it's more likely than not but it could very well be. We shouldn't jump to conclusions.

I came up with this spy novel style twist theory late last night and wanted to say it before anything is found out just in case people think I'm incapable of being bipartisan because you know I'm Janet... but I must say we cannot betray our own principles to defend those principles. I hope that this is not the case and It's just some cuckoo extremist but if it is, I'll be sorely disappointed.

Not that It will change my votes however, Trump is still his Trumpy self