How are you preparing for the coming Blue Wave?

The mid terms are about a week and a half away. We've been assured of strong democrat wins across the board. That means higher taxes, government health care assured, Trump impeachment, maybe Kavanaugh too, elimination of Electoral College, Stuffing the Supreme Court with more judges, government regulations out the wazoo, and CNN made into an official branch of the government.

Of course if the Blue Wave doesn't materialize none of that will happen.

So, are you prepared for the Blue Wave?

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I suppose anything is possible, but I don't put any faith in polls. I guess I'll find out when the circus is over. :)

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I'm voting straight republican for state assembly and senators, I know it is probably meaningless, but I really want to see the left wing stronghold on the assembly ended. Our state is large enough, that there should be some sort of balance.

By waxing my surfboard.

(That means voting Democrat in surf analogies).

Last time there was a blue wave you predicted: gun confiscation, FEMA camps, Sharia law, etc. None of that happened.

I can't wait, winter is coming, and surf will be up with big blue waves. That is the blue wave you are talking about, isn't it?

No. Even if felt confident that there will be a "blue wave", I wouldn't be preparing in any sort of way. Neither do I think most of your predictions would be happening, even IF.

I have long felt the health care system in this country is flawed, and needs improvement. Many people I love have that awful "government" program these days, and it mostly works pretty well for them.

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Didn't you just say it was wrong to paint an entire party with such a wide brush? Yet here you are doing exactly that.

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I would like to see a very slim democratic majority in the house and an even split in the Senate, so the two sides would be forced to work with each other. I think having all 3 branches of government controlled by one party is wrong for the country. Just my opinion though, you don't have to agree.

All that's going to really change is who's whining about what

Funny...seems I remember a blue wave with a 100% guaranteed win for....I can't quite recall her name....but she kinda pissed off a lot of people.

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That's it..

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Maybe one day.

@DandyDon Funny...seems I remember a blue wave with a 100% guaranteed win for....I can't quite recall her name....but she...

You must be talking about the unlikable person who refused to campaign in the fly over states and totally ignored those people.

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