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It'll be a cold day in hell, when everyone starts walking.

All other modes of transportation will violate rights over humans and environment.

Might as well be comfortable in the journey..

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Cried the horse and carriage rider.. hehe smilie

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I suspect that when all environmental impacts are factored in, battery-powered EVs will be a net minus, just as corn ethanol has been, even aside from the human costs.

I think the only realistic solution is a reduction of the human population, hopefully by gradual means rather than catastrophic.

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I've chosen a gasoline fueled automobile, reasonable size (4 cylinder), well maintained.

Problems have solutions
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julie Zeller 4 years ago

I forgot all about this. I knew Stan. He was my brothers best friend growing up.

After reading many of the comments that were posted, its funny to see how people tend to dis-credit what they cannot explain, or what science cannot explain. Its really sad, because many of you talk about how educated you are and even give examples as to how this car is a hoax. Well, I'm here to tell you that the car actually existed. I even had the pleasure in riding in it. Secondly, Stan didn't build that car by himself. He did however finance the whole project. There are still people out there, (including my brother) who know exactly how to build that car. But due to Stan's demise, it is a preserved secret.

Some of you need to realize that the government control's what the people are subjected to. Besides, do you really think that the government wants you taking money out of their pockets with inventions such as this car? Think about it. Stop denying what you cannot prove. Science is only limited to what we have discovered thus far!

lets make all the leftist global warming alarmists to walk, make their own clothes and not use anything involving oil, that includes food in a store too BTW