Aren't you glad humans don't have tails, so that human body language cannot work in the same way as dog body language?

" "Dogs are much better at reading each other's body language than we are," says Dr. Bell. "Dogs that are behaving appropriately in social systems use their bodies and tails to communicate with other dogs even as they are observing the tails and body position of other dogs. This helps them avoid unnecessary conflicts."

Dogs also wag their tails to spread their natural scent from their anal glands. Each dog has a scent that's unique to him or her. An "alpha" or dominant dog that carries his tail high will release more of his scent than a dog that carries his tail lower. Often, when we see a dog holding his tail between his legs, he's frightened and doesn't want to release his scent. This is his way of flying under the radar."

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails? | Dog Behavior | Animal PlanetDogs use their tails to communicate strong emotions such as agitation, annoyance and anger as well as happiness.http://www.animalplanet.com/pets/why-do-dogs-wag-their-tails/
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Yes, the article says they lower their tail when they are scared and don't want to spread their anal scent around (for fear of further offending...?).
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But, but... no smell?  Wouldn't that make him a social outcast to other dogs...?

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Even his breath...? omg smilie

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You must brush his teeth with an electric toothbrush every day... biggrin smilie

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And mouthwash in his water bowl...? biggrin smilie

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Here is a grinning dog with gleaming white teeth.

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Explain to him that you have to sell the picture to a dog breath company first.

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Sleep tight. :-)

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Home-grown perfume or cologne...?  biggrin smilie

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Very good policy. hehe smilie

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That basset hound really likes to spread his anal scent around.   biggrin smilie

Spreading their scent from their anal glands! Any dog I get in futures having their balls chopped!
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Aww...it would be GR8 if humans could wag their tails. Or the equivalent. Perhaps they do...n'cest pas? Love this post...anything about animals is gr8....

Good article! I knew that wagging tail does not necessarily equal happy. But, I did not have that much detail. Observing my own pups helps identify moods, but it's not fool proof.

Our broken Border Collie has a learned behavior; laying upside down, tail going like 60 - we're pretty sure it translates to "Look at me! I'm being silly! I want attention!"
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I know one person that might as well have a tail.
He already has the smell..

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