Which Halloween candy would you ban from your trick-or-treating bag?

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Hahahahah I just bought two bags of butterfingers, I love those things. lol

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Explains what.....

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We fight? I had no idea we fought. lol Image in content

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lol Yeah right. lol Image in content

@JanHaskell I'll take 'em

I've already had a few butterfingers, by the time the Trick or Treaters get here there won't be any left. lol

Those orange peanuts are pretty disgusting.

I never have liked that candy corn stuff, or those hard chewy things. Didn't back in the 60's when I trick-or-treated, either. :)

Twizzlers .... I don't like them at all. Too much "chew" and too little taste. chew smilie

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all cause I don't need any more fat on me.

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