Blaming OUR PRESIDENT for acts of hatred is so WRONG like blaming guns for murdering TRUMP just trying to help his country never hurt anyone perosnally he just saying truths to everyone and making america great and people like that ALOT!

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You nailed it!!!!! Image in content

If only you knew how to write.

@dru18 If only you knew how to write.

That writing style is very familiar, you think? lol lol

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It's similar to Amirite


Choozler is a very small site, and no it's not a hateful site. Check it out for yourself. Some nice people on that site that won't put up with a lot of hateful people who just want to pick fights.

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Two of your posts were removed today. So let me ask you, how's that writing style of yours working out?

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My thought exactly!

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Yes, obviously, because there's no such thing as hurting people with... words. I would say Law and common sense in general would disagree, but hey, you're the one with the facts, right? I mean why would a President or Presidential Candidate be held responsible for multiple comments supporting violence? I mean, it's just words. And since when do the words of such person matters? It's not like anyone is listening. And if someone does listen and does something violent... well, the innocent Politician didn't actually mean it. Don't you know? They're just playing the crowd, doing the hits or just doing their stand-up comedy right there on the rallies. Unless when everything goes well, then they meant every word of what they said and they will take every credit they can for it.
Of course Trump is saying truths. Truths based on no evidence or manipulated evidence. Or multiple truths with opposite meanings, but who cares, right? It's not like there's videos or recordings of him saying such stuff, so it's all FAKE NEWS.

Yes, people like that tremendously.
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depending on what is my goal?

Trump is to blame with his lies and hate spewed speeches aimed at his supporters to rile them up. So much that one nut sent package bombs to those Trump mentioned in angry speeches. For God's sake, he's the president of the United States, when will he start acting like one....a president who unites instead of a bully who only thinks of himself. He doesn't care one iota about you AA nor any of us.

Liberals are ruining this country.They want open boarders. .making drugs legal. Killing babies. Taking away
free speech . Calling the President a racist. Liberals are committing acts of hatred every single day.
They are the ones with the mental disease. They don't even know right from wrong.

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