Hi who knows this ryhming song
Coca Cola came to town
Diet Pepsi shot him down
Dr Pepper picked him up
Now were drinking seven up
Seven up caught the flu
Now were drinking iron brew
Iron brew fell down the mountain
Now were drinking from the fountain
Oh No the fountain broke
Now were drinking cherry coke
Cherry coke is so last year
Now were drinking ginger beer
Ginger beer got in a fight
now were drinking lemon sprite
Its a good rhyme,amirite?

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I knew the first three lines.....after that it got fuzzy.

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I'm thinking more like....
"I think that poem is kinda queer,
I'd rather have an ice cold beer.
I drink my beer until it's gone,
now I gotta hit my bong.
Weed is gone, still not drunk,
grab the whiskey
from my trunk.
Drink it down,
vodka too,
only one thing left to do.
Stagger off, bang my head, as I finally find my bed."
Isn't it beautiful?

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