When did words stopped meaning a thing?

I'm quite simple: what I say, I mean it. I don't like the food you made and you ask about it, I'll say it. I'm angry with you, I'll talk to you about it. I want to be alone, I'll say so. I have a question, I'll ask. I don't do games and play tricks in real life. What I say, I mean it. But many times I find myself having to explain myself over "hidden meanings" that people see behind my words, and that is beyond frustrating. That or they completely ignore what I say, as if I didn't mean it.
I'm not a big fan of social stuff, and I know I'm not the best at it, but I find it worse and worse to do them. When I think everything is alright, there comes someone accusing me of saying this and that and I have no idea what they're talking about. Then I have to defend myself of things I've never said because someone decided I meant it.

Why is that the norm now is "try to read what they actually meant"? I know I do that to the ones I see it's a part of their character, but I don't do it with everyone.
People ask for honesty, but I'm not sure people even understand what honesty is.

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I tell it how it is! No hidden meanings-if peeps want to find one that's up to them.

Two days ago, when the doctors told me I was in no condition to have the surgery they had planned for me. I will perform it myself, then. Just point me to the right direction and I'll do their bloody job for them.

Life has convinced me that human communication is nearly impossible. Try as we might we cannot say what we mean, people who claim they can do not understand the nature of the human sensorial system.

JMO. Not possible to say what you mean, but you can mean what you say, others simply cannot interpret the message the way it was intended.

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I'm not talking about the internet, though. I understand how it's easy to misunderstand something with no tone. But in real life, this shouldn't be happening as much.

That doesn't work all the time. When someone is saying stuff about me to, for example, my Boss, I kinda have to defend myself. If I say nothing, if I don't point out the bullshit, things will just get harder for me, when they shouldn't.

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"I have pointedly asked many people to just be honest...something it seems many are incapable of." - that reminds me of my roommate. Because of how I am and how clueless I can get with social stuff, I've personally asked her to tell me straight on if I said or acted "bad", so I don't do it again. At the beginning, she didn't. She kept quiet, kept everything to herself, and while I thought everything was alright, she was thinking I didn't liked her, when in fact I liked her quite a lot. It was a huge misunderstanding. It wasn't until I asked her again, that she slowly started doing it. Communication made wonders. We've good friends now. She knows that when I have something to say, I'll say straight to her, and she does the same back. We don't fight. If we don't understand something or something bothers any of us, we talk about it and try to fix it ourselves. It actually works when both sides care to put any effort.

I've noticed even when I ask people to be honest with me, they're not. They use white lies, believing that's better, even when I say I don't like that. And when someone asks me for honesty they get surprised when I am. It's just ridiculous. It's very easy to read me when you're not trying to look for something that isn't there.

My answer to the question in the title would be: ever since human language got invented. I do realize the question was likely meant as rhetorical, but anyway. :P :P

Sometimes people have too much of a tendency to overthink what others say, and somehow that impression effectively becomes the truth in their head, no matter what you say. They're so convinced they've figured you out, that, if you try to deny it, it's like you're lying.

I'm really not a fan of social stuff, and I have to agree that things become a lot more difficult if you need to worry about alleged hidden meanings.

Simple is good. I wouldn't want anyone to hunt for hidden meanings in what I say. (Actually, I usually don't feel like people do that with me. I don't think I give them any chance to, especially since my real life interactions are usually minimal. However, I do often worry about how I come across.)

That said, I'm not the simplest person. I have a tendency to overthink social things to the point that I can see things where they don't exist, and I tend to be reserved and extremely conflict-avoiding unless I'm comfortable enough with the person.

@primeiro My answer to the question in the title would be: ever since human language got invented. //I do realize the...

Lol xD I appreciate an answer, rhetorical question or not :D

And you got it as right as I can see. Stubbornness and denial seems to go hand in hand with such people.

I didn't explained it right - when I say I'm simple, I mean if I'm saying something, I'm being honest about it. An example: if you ask me if the food you made taste good and I say yes, I mean that. I'm not being polite, I'm not trying to make you feel better with a white lie. If I didn't like it, I would've said so. On that, I'm simple.
Because what goes in my head is a complete different issue. On that, I'm much like you. Where we differ is the last sentence. If I'm not sure about something and it's bothering me, I just ask, comfortable with the the person or not. I know how my brain can get, and between that and talk about it (even if it makes me really uncomfortable), I'll talk.

@Sofia Lol xD I appreciate an answer, rhetorical question or not :D And you got it as right as I can see. Stubbornness...


Yes, stubborn mistrust and denial. In some cases, I think they may have had bad experiences with people who aren't simply direct about what they want, so they expect other relationships to be similar. Or maybe they tend to be like that themselves, expect everyone else to be similar (and find it difficult to believe otherwise). Or sometimes it could be some insecurity related to what others think of them. Just some possibilities.

Ah, yep, I see what you meant by "simple"; actually I think you explained it well originally, and I was the one being confusing. I used the same word to tell something about myself (about how I'm not the simplest person), but I realize I was referring to a different thing, a different sense in which one can be "not simple" (as in "difficult to deal with") - I just didn't make that clear... Sorry for the slight confusion. :P

Actually, I guess I didn't really finish my last paragraph. What I was getting at (but didn't, for some reason) is that what goes on inside my head can sometimes make me difficult to deal with. For example, because of the "seeing things where they don't exist" thing, I can sometimes end up asking potentially annoying things like "Are you angry?", "Are you sure you are not angry?", "Did I make you upset with that thing I said earlier?", "Just to be sure, what did you mean by what you said earlier?", "Am I being annoying?", etc. >.<

About your last paragraph -- actually I can identify with that specific thing you said, I think. On one hand, yes, I can be very reserved and conflict-avoiding as I already said. But, when I'm not sure about something and it's really bothering me, it can get really uncomfortable inside my head, and I just have to ask it even if it feels really awkward. It can be a lot better than to keep wondering and worrying like crazy without need.

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Hmmm, I'm confused.
That was four sentences long! [Three Declarative , One Interrogative ]

when progressives decided to become to god of PC culture and what is ok and not ok to say. Gay used to mean happy not a homosexual. thanks PC progressives

When lying became too acceptable

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