The amount of times you can "love" comments should be limited to increase their value

It's been some time since I last posted lol. Coming back, I had a thought. Now and before, I pretty much just throw out loves with likes lol. They're worth the same to me. I have a suggestion. There should be a limited number of loves per... day? week? month... nah prolly not month lol. This would really increase their worth. It'd feel more impactful to give and receive them imo.

0% Yes, limit them per day 8% yes, limit them per week 0% Yes, Limit them over a longer period of time 17% apathetic 58% No, they're fine as is 0% Lol just get rid of them 17% other
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I figure people can make up their own minds, about how often and which comments they choose to "love". Sure has been interesting and illuminating sometimes, seeing just which comments some people "love".

Piper2s avatar Piper2 No, they're fine as is +4Reply

I'm leaning towards per week because a lot of discussions can take time, and I'd figure I'm also biased since I'm not a daily user (hell I'll prolly hiatus for a couple years soon lol)

JohnJillkys avatar JohnJillky yes, limit them per week +3Reply

Are farts supposed to come with substance included in them?

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JohnJillkys avatar JohnJillky yes, limit them per week 0Reply

The universe doesn't need any love to be taken away from it...

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DandyDons avatar DandyDon No, they're fine as is -1Reply
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