Do you eat food after its "best before" date? If yes, which foods?

65% Yes 27% no 8% other
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Pretty much anything. I will scrape mold off and use it.

Yogurt is pretty safe, if you miss the date by a couple of days. I have my fridge set to a rather cold setting, so even certain meat products are fine. Bread - you can see, if there is any extra growth, but usually two or even three days in the fridge don't matter that much. As long as nothing is green, it's usually alright. Smell and bit of a lick, a careful bite... I did throw some meat stuff to my freezer a couple of days ago, since I don't take that many risks.

I am eating some haddock tomorrow that was use by today.If I disappear it got me!

I read a book that said drugs have a use by date that is actually a year earlier than needed.
Yes, I use things past the use by date but you have to watch out for mayo. Don't push that one.

Yes, I believe that date is very conservative for most foods. I routinely eat chips and hummus after their "best" dates.

Those dates are meaningless.
What they don't tell you is by best they mean best for them.

If I open a can of green beans and they smell like tuna.....I most likely won't eat it..

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