If You Could Do anything, What Would You Do To Take Your Life Better?

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If I can do anything, I would get a nice home with a good treadmill.That is reasonable for now..

Beat Cancer

@JustJimColo Beat Cancer

:( I had no idea you had it. Sorry to hear that.

@primeiro :( I had no idea you had it. Sorry to hear that.

It sucks, but then.. it's just the luck of the draw.

Visit some of the places I've always longed to see. But if I can't, I'll still be content with my life. a smilie

I would become a goat.

@ZonkeyBalls I would become a goat.

Wouldn't be hard to find a meal.

Today it would be black bean candy. Been eating a can all week. Even made black bean brownies, better than you would expect. But now I put that big can in the freezer, to be used in the next chilli I make

go back 25 years and avoid some bad times

Well...if I could do ANYTHING.

I would fly like an eagle......to the sea.

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