"we need to stop demonizing people, and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men..."(Don Lemon, CNN)

you want racism? here it is, Lemon says stop demonizing people, then proceeds to demonize all white men. perhaps Lemon head is saying we white men aren;t people? that my friend is the very definition of racism and sexism. when you say a race worth less or all evil as Don Lemon just did, that is actual dictionary definition racist, and the fact he specified men, makes him sexist as well.

but the left will give him a free pass no doubt, always how it works, if a conservative asks for ACTUAL equality like voter ID for ALL who votes, the guy gets crap and demonized by liberals, a liberal like Lemon says an actual racist/sexist comment, and im sure liberals drool over him, or if blacks say BLM he gets a free pass, but someone with common sense says all lives matter liberals say thats racist. how? please tell me how saying all lives matter is racist? by dictionary definition saying one race is worth more then another is racism, and by that definition BLM is far more racist then all lives matter.